Stars: Enppi has agreed to buy Karim Fouad and we will study Benfica’s offer


Mohamed Tawila, president of the Nujoom Club, revealed the latest developments regarding Karim Fouad Dahir, right of the team He loaned to Enppi until the end of the current season. Al Tawila said in statements to the “B On Time” program, “I am disturbed by the story of Karim Fouad, and we talked about this story a lot.There are no offersAnd I hope that they leave him to focus on his participation with Enppi during the remaining 6 months, the player cannot be talked about for a whole year.

The head of the stars added, “Agent Karim Fouad He spoke to me last summer and I told him that the player is registered in Enppi, and some talk about his signature to Pyramids and Al-Ahly, and the player has no right to sign anywhere because his contract has 4 years left, and Al-Ahly is a big club and all clubs are honored to deal with him. “

“There is no official contract for Karim Fouad yet, and I have agreed with us to buy the player at a value of 15 million pounds after the end of the loan, and we will not bargain with the player.”

The chief of the stars added, “They have contracted with Benfica two years ago, through the sponsoring company of the Nujoom Club, and they have been with us for some time and are developing a plan to develop the talents of the club and he is the one who stepped up Karim Fouad, and 3 other players, all of whom are playing excellent now, and within the agreement between us and them is that They take 3 players to experience each season, and Mahmoud Saber and Karim were chosen for this match.

Muhammad al-Tawila concluded by saying, “I prefer external professionalism for a player in his own interest and in the interest of the national team, and the Ismaili file has been closed in terms of litigation, and now we are moving through the sporting side through sports sanctions, which start with stopping the registration, and this has been done, but we did not stick to it so that we would not be a party to a new crisis for the Ismailis. After a month, the points deduction penalty will begin. “


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