Stadia Savage Planet 2 projects included the title Kojima


After publicly announcing the closure of Stadia Games & Entertainment, ongoing reports have revealed more details about what the studio is working on. Apparently, first-party projects now canceled from the stadium included a multiplayer action game known as “Frontier,” a sequel to The Journey to the Star of Savage 2, and an exclusive game by the legendary Kojima.

Update 28/2: A Google representative talks to him GamesRadar The VGC report says it is “inaccurate and was reported as fact”, adding that the report’s allegations about Kojima and Suzuki “projects” are untrue and said that Google has “nothing and has not announced anything” Talking about rubbing salt in my wounds – doh!

report Video games Claims to reveal some of the big projects that Stadia Games & Entertainment has been working on, SG&E.

First and foremost, apparently, Google Game Studios had a large multiplayer action game running under the codename “Frontier”. The team that developed the game is said to be led by Francois Fland, the former producer of Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. Little is known about the game, but the team working on it only revealed cancellation in February, apparently the day it went public.

Furthermore, Google’s acquisition of Typhoon Studios was supposed to lead to the sequel to the superstar Savage He made his debut on the field the month. Apparently, the game was “further” on a large scale with fully animated scenes. Once again, the team here only discovered project cancellation along with the public announcement.

Stadia Games & Entertainment has also worked with several third-party studios to develop exclusive games for the Stadia platform. It was in public Harmonics have been known for some time I worked with SG&E on an exclusive game, and the musical game seemed to be “almost perfect”. To respond to VGC The CEO of Harmonics claimed that the game had not been canceled, as well as denied rumors that the game was having problems licensing the music. The title will likely continue to be released, even if it ends on another platform when Steve Janick said:

Although Google has changed its strategy, we are still very passionate about what we have been working on on the field, and if the project does not go to the field, we will direct it to other platforms.

Finally, the report also notes that Google worked with Kojima Productions, the studio behind Death Stranding, Silent Hills and Metal Gear Solid, on a casual horror game. Blocked The project will be published. It should be noted Haido Kojima He said last summer It is “extremely annoying” to cancel a major project, but it is not clear if it is the same project that Harrison blocked.

It’s pretty clear that Google has a lot of big projects with SG&E, which only added to the confusion that the company decided to pull the plug before any of those projects were finished. If only things were Hosted differently.

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