Souad Al-Enezi: May Ziadeh was a creative and multi-talented one


Kuwaiti writer and writer Suad Al-Enezi said that the late one Mai increase She was multi-talented, although she was famous for her literary creations. She was good at playing the piano and spoke languages: Arabic, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Greek and Syriac.

Al-Anzi reviewed the details of May Ziadeh’s life, saying: May Ziada was the only one of her parents after the death of her brother, so she received great attention from her Lebanese father, Elias Ziada, and her Syrian mother of Palestinian origin, Nozha Muammar.

Al-Anzi explained during her seminar today, Thursday, February 11th, to celebrate the birth of Mai Ziada, that Mai Ziada was born in Palestine, specifically in the city of Nazareth in 1886, and that the young family later left to settle in Lebanon in the village of Aintoura, where May received her education there in a school for nuns, and to Besides her love of arts and music, her passion for learning languages ​​and her passion for poetry, Mai showed an early interest in writing as it is rumored that she published her first articles at the age of 16.

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Al-Anzi indicated that her literary fame began in Egypt specifically in 1913, at the festival honoring Khalil Mutran that Salim Sarkis called for. At that time, she was assigned to deliver Gibran’s speech and then followed her with her speech, and she succeeded in both of them, so Prince Muhammad Ali, the head of the party, shook hands and congratulated her. Among its pioneers were Wali al-Din Yakan, Taha Hussein, Khalil Mutran, Shibli Shamil, Yaqoub Sarouf, Anton al-Gamil, Ahmed Lotfi al-Sayed, Abbas Mahmoud al-Akkad, Mustafa Sadiq al-Rafi’i, Ahmad Shawqi and others. That men admired her was due to the fact that she was the “exceptional woman” by analogy with the conditions of women in Egypt at the beginning of the twentieth century.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Suad Al-Enezi recently issued a book Women in the Virginia Woolf Chamber “by the Nineveh House for Studies, Publishing and Distribution in Damascus.


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