Sony develops virtual reality glasses for PlayStation 5


The Japanese company “Sony” has begun working on developing a new version of the virtual reality glasses for its new game console “PlayStation 5”. Sony aims in the new version to improve the user experience with higher performance and smoother design.

Sony’s statements recently revealed the first glimpses of the specifications of the next version of virtual reality glasses that are presented to PS5 users, as Sony tends to support the user with a smooth experience when using the next generation of virtual reality glasses, while improving the quality and efficiency of the display, according to what The “Technology Without Borders” website has been moved from the “Engadget” website.

According to the company, the next generation of virtual reality glasses will come with an amazing upgrade in performance, which includes the best level of display quality, with support for a wider field of vision, and the feature of tracking movement with accuracy and faster performance, also the new version comes with controls with a new design, and interaction with better performance. In the surrounding environment.The new version of the virtual reality glasses will be launched with the advantage of connecting with “PS5” devices via one cable, so it will not support wireless connectivity, but it will provide a design that does not include many wires for a smooth experience of use.

Sony indicated in her statements that the new version of the virtual reality glasses will not be presented to the market during 2021, and the company also confirmed that the glasses are still under development at the present time.

Source: Technology Without Borders


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