Smart contact lens that can monitor diabetes and strokes


Scientists have developed a contact lens that can improve eyesight and spot a number of health problems, including diabetes and strokes.

According to the British newspaper “The Times”, the researchers said that the lens can also check the risk of heart disease by measuring the level of certain chemicals in the tear fluid by eye.

The lens contains an electronic network with devices to measure temperature and glucose.

The researchers hope that this invention will help speed the diagnosis and treatment of medical emergencies.

The National Physical Laboratory in London, Harvard University, George Washington University and the Chinese University of Science and Technology participated in the new innovation.

“We are confident that these smart lenses can be used as a non-invasive way to help monitor and diagnose people’s health,” said Dr. Yun Long Chau, from the Institute of Advanced Technology at the University of Surrey, UK.

“The sensor layer that we used in our contact lenses differs from traditional smart contact lenses, as it is so thin that it can measure a person’s health status without affecting his vision in any way,” said Dr. Chikki Gu, a researcher at Harvard University. “Also, because of the thinness of the sensor layer, it comes into direct contact with the tears in a way that makes the analysis of chemicals in them more accurate than analyzing them with traditional smart lenses.”

Details of the new innovation have been published in the scientific journal Matter.


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