Slack for Android might have revealed your password


PSA: Slack for Android might have revealed your password

Due to an error, Slack for Android might have written your passwords as plain text, which means that you will most likely need to change your password.

As I mentioned Android Police (H / t the edge), Some people who are using Slack for Android have been emailed and asked to reset their password as soon as possible. According to the email, Slack developers made a mistake that included the Slack password – no encryption – in the app’s logs.

This issue, which was introduced on December 21, 2020, was not realized and fixed until January 21, 2021. During this 31-day period, Slack for Android might have revealed your password in the logs. If your account has been affected by this issue, you should also have received an email from Slack requesting to reset your password.

However, if you use Slack for Android regularly, especially during the affected period, it might be better to change your password anyway. In addition to that, you will need to wipe the Slack Android storage so that any records that may contain a password are not present on your phone.

How to change Slack password and delete records

Unfortunately, while this password issue was caused by the Slack Android app, there is no way to change your password from the app. Instead, you will need to use a desktop or web app to update your Slack password.

  1. Open Slack on the desktop or online

    First, you will need to open Slack on desktop or laptop, through the native Windows / macOS / Linux app A universal web application.

    It is at least Maybe Log into the Slack web app from Chrome to Android, using the “desktop website” toggle, but the experience will be embarrassing and inconvenient to touch.

  2. Go to account settings

    Then click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the app and click on “View personal pageIn the drop-down list. In the panel that opens, you should see a button with three dots titled “More.” Click on it and press “Account settings. “

  3. Change or reset your password

    You should now see a heading titled “password. ” Click on “To expandA button just to its left.

    Here you can change your login information directly by entering the previous password and a new password, or you can send an email to yourself to reset your password if you lose your password.

  4. Repeat for each work environment

    Note that because Slack workspace uses its own login information, you will need to repeat the password change process for every workspace you are a part of.

  5. Change nested passwords

    Additionally, due to the possibility that your passwords may be discovered, if you are using one of them on another website or app, it might be a good idea to change those passwords as well.

  6. Find Slack in the Settings app

    Since your password is stored in the Slack app logs, you will need to manually wipe your records from your phone. First, you will need to find Slack in your phone’s Settings app. If the Settings app provides search, you can simply search for “Slack”. Otherwise, you will need to find Slack in your installed apps list.

  7. Clear data

    After that, you need to click on “Storage” or “Storage and Cache” to manage Slack app data. Click “Clear Storage” to empty your phone of all data related to the Slack app, including all password records.

    Note that this will separate you from any Slack workspace. You will need to log in again to make sure you continue to receive your messages correctly.

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