She was bullied because of her mother, and this is the most difficult situation she went through … The most prominent statement


12:57 PM

Friday, February 19, 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Media Wafaa Kilani hosted Moroccan actress Samira Said, a guest in her program “The Biography”, shown on Dmc. During the episode, “Diva” talked about many matters related to her artistic and personal life.

In the following lines, we review the most prominent statements of Samira Said with Wafa al-Kilani:

– Actress Samira Saeed said that she has 7 siblings who lived together in a large house, and her parents sought to raise them all together, stressing that she does not stop remembering the scenes of her childhood, especially her quarrels with her siblings and her father’s purchase of huge quantities of food to suffice for family members, and that her mother gave birth to 8 Boys and she remained all her life maintaining a graceful weight, which reached only 46 kg.

– Samira revealed that she had been beaten as a child, saying: “I was a rule in the classroom and worked scrambling in a piece of paper in front of me, and suddenly the teacher said what this is and a pen hit me on something, and the stars saw me like what we saw in the cartoon.”

– Samira Saeed added: “Of course, the first thing that I entered at the door, my mother saw something and took it up that had happened and went to the school and said to the teacher if I worked again like this, I will do something that you do not like, and because my mother was wearing trousers, and her hair was careless, she took a lot of children and they were bullying me, and when I went I told my mother that you covered me and went to school again, and I will not tell you anything else you will get. “
– And she added: “Another situation in which I was beaten some time late on the outskirts of the school to the house and I called her and I told her my friend and I were sitting in the hotel drinking something, and she said to me now, and I took my motorcycle and my friend and Raya and went to the house, and she held me by my hair and said if I were late again it will not remain in Singing, nor any need. ”

– Samira Saeed talked about her relationship with King Hassan II, saying: “King Hassan, may God have mercy on him, had a wonderful artistic sense and he was very understanding in music, and I was afraid of him and making an account for the day I see and if I need to satisfy him, and he was the maestro of the diamond band.”

– And about the most difficult situation she went through in her childhood, she said: “We were in the diamond band, all of them were very companions, starting from the head of the band to the last one present, and they loved me very much so that I could see me a girl who was in the same wardrobe. And the last of elegance and elegance, and in one of the band, Vendhali cured me and his spirit and put me in the basin, and I got mad on him and quarreled with him at the time, and brought me a bonbon and chocolate.

– And she continued: “In my childhood, I was when I recorded a song by listening to Abdel Halim Hafez and taking his opinion, and one time we met on the radio and he attended with me the recording of the song, and he told me to fool you into singing, and he understood me how to make every need in its time and in the way required for each part of it, and I heard his advice of course.”

– On the authority of the musician of generations, Muhammad Abdel Wahab, Samira Saeed said: “I went to the hotel and sang to him (You are my life) and said your voice is very sweet and you think about me that the little girl will survive when she is a child, but you are supposed to wait for a while because your voice is still stable, and I think that you do not want your voice. 16 years old, and he did not like his words mainly, and he sure had a point of view, but my love for singing was stronger, and the advice that he said to me and worked with it is that I eat the bread and put butter on it, but its hero 10 years ago and I stayed drinking water. ”


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