Shams Al-Kuwaiti makes remarkable statements about the Arab peoples and the public criticizing them


The pioneers and followers of social media re-circulated a recent conversation by the artist Shams Al-Kuwaiti, in which she attacked the Arab peoples, describing them as “empty” and did not provide anything for the planet.

Shams said: “We in the Arab world are empty peoples, we do not provide the planet with needs. We are the needle of what we make.”

She added, during her solutions, as a guest on the “Nass Enas” program, which is shown on the Iraqi “Tigris” channel: “I walk in Europe and America, I do not see anyone who catches his mobile.” A million dollars more than the young people who sleep on Snapchat 24 hours and in countries that have not entered the social media world … We are insignificant. “

Her words sparked a wave of anger, as followers launched the hashtag “Shams All Dust”, which became “a trend” in a short time.


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