Saudi Customs enumerates the advantages of the Fasah platform in identifying the status of shipments


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The number of the Saudi Customs spokesperson, Bader Al-Rabdi, has included the advantages of the Fasah platform service that allows e-commerce customers to know the status of shipments. In customs, with the aim of obtaining information and more transparency, by reviewing the taxes due on the shipment, regardless of the carrier company or the service is via Saudi Post.

On measures to keep up with the current growth, he said: Customs keeps pace with the great growth in e-commerce and its rapid spread, especially after the Corona pandemic, as the express transport companies and Saudi Post go, so it was necessary to keep pace with the establishment of an independent department concerned with e-commerce to overcome obstacles in the process of clearing goods and communicating with all The stakeholders involved in this regard and the completion of the electronic link between the operating companies and the Fasah platform.

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