Saudi authorities arrest Muhammad Baqir al-Nimr, father of Ali al-Nimr, for no reason


The World – Saudi Arabia

AlQST, a human rights organization, said in a tweet on its Twitter account on Thursday, which was monitored by the Saudi reality that “the Saudi authorities have arrested Muhammad Baqir al-Nimr, the father of the detainee Ali al-Nimr, who was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, after the security forces raided their home in the Awamiya area on Wednesday.”

The arrest of the elderly Muhammad Baqir al-Nimr only expresses the cruelty and oppression of the regime, as he is considered one of the elite of Qatif, and with his suffering the execution of his brother, the martyr al-Nimr, and the imprisonment of his minor son at the time for 10 years, but he did not complain or incite and was only defending his right with high politeness, and yet he did not become Muslim Who from arrest!

It appears that Muhammad al-Nimr was arrested based on a tweet he wrote on his Twitter account, quoting a paragraph from an article by Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Ansari said in it: “A new Arab thought and the spread of the culture of democracy cannot be born unless the legacy of violence that still rules Arab life and dominates the mind and sentiment of a wide social sector in our Gulf and Arab society is overlooked, and the cultural structures that produce violence and justifying discourse are dismantled.”

Al-Nimr had written in a tweet pinned to his Twitter account commenting on reducing the sentence on his son Ali from execution to 10 years imprisonment, saying: “In implementation of the order # Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh canceled the death sentence against the young man # Ali_ Muhammad_ Al-Nimr and ruled that he was imprisoned for 10 years. Imprisonment for a minor of 10 years as a maximum. The verdict is for discrimination and then for the superior. # Ali_al-Nimr. A prisoner spent more than 9 years and stayed to complete the sentence 8 months. ”

The article of the Qatari writer, Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Ansari, who was favored by Al-Nimr, criticizes the outdated legacy that depicts Islam as a religion of violence, murder and theft, which is what the buried Abdulaziz Al Saud adopted and took it as a legal evidence and justification for his crimes against the people of the Arabian Peninsula who went too far in their blood, honor and property and followed his approach His sons and grandson, the criminal Mohammed bin Salman.


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