Saudi artist Khaled Abdel Rahman responds to the circulation of the revival of the “Camel Wedding”: the evil of calamity is what laughs


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Saudi artist Khaled Abdul-Rahman responded to the circulation of an invitation card to a camel’s wedding, with allegations that he will revive the ceremony, confirming that this is incorrect and calling for “the use of reason to distinguish between the reasonable and the absurd.”

The Saudi artist said, in a video clip that he posted on his Twitter account, that “the evil of the calamity is what makes me laugh. We have minds in order to distinguish the correct from the error and the reasonable from the absurd. If the publisher is not normal, the browser must be sane.

He added: “Not everything that falls in the hands of a person believes it, and at least if you have doubts about credibility, keep your words to yourself, so that it does not become clear later that the matter is not true, and it appears on what you have spoken of a person that fails.”

Abdul Rahman stressed that “a person must rule his mind before judging things.” He said: “Frankly, as much as I laughed, I got upset. When I entered the link, I found that there are people who believe that, and make very negative comments about me.”

He added: “Oh good people, I am sure that as long as you have been granted the ability to hold a device, enter a website, browse and comment, you are a sane, adult and normal person, so how can this negative comment come from you? Is it reasonable or not. ”


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