Saudi Arabia uses Greece to protect it – Al-Alam news channel



Dendias added to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Greek Parliament that this weapon is not an offensive weapon, but rather a defensive weapon, stressing that his country has never pursued an aggressive policy, as he claimed.

According to the Greek newspaper “Ekathimerini”, according to the agreement, which is nearing its signing date, Athens will deploy its forces on the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within the limits of cooperation regarding the installation and operation of the aforementioned missiles, while the technical details related to the transportation, deployment, cost and operational responsibility of the missiles remain. Need a settlement in order to complete the conclusion of the agreement. ”

This came after weeks of the two countries ’foreign ministries, during the visit of the Saudi Foreign Minister, Faisal bin Farhan, to Athens to enhance the military air capabilities of Riyadh in light of the attacks on Aramco oil installations, through missiles and the drones of the Yemeni armed forces in recent months in response. On the Saudi aggression and its ongoing blockade on Yemen.

In the middle of last month, Greek media said that it is likely that Athens and Riyadh will reach a defense agreement whereby the Greek armed forces will deliver the Patriot missile system to their Saudi counterpart, in light of American pressure to push Athens to have a military presence in the Persian Gulf, knowing that Greece twice refused to respond To Washington’s demands to send a frigate to the Persian Gulf waters to reinforce the naval military presence of Washington and its allies in the region under US command.

This news comes in parallel with the continuing tense Saudi-Turkish relations, albeit some dissolution, as Riyadh’s rapprochement with Athens represents a disturbance to Turkey, especially after Greece, Egypt and Greek Cyprus objected to the Turkish government and the Libyan government of national accord signing two memoranda of understanding on November 27, 2019. The first of them stipulates defining the maritime spheres of influence between the two parties, following which Turkey began exploring for gas in the Mediterranean Sea off Turkish Cyprus.

The tension in Saudi-Turkish relations came against the backdrop of several issues, most notably the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside his country’s consulate in Istanbul and Turkey’s demand to reveal the real commander to carry out the assassination, which investigations indicate that he is Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Tensions between Turkey and Greece returned again after Ankara sent a new research vessel in the northern Aegean Sea, whose activity continues. Until the second of next March, the Turkish navy was informed, a few days ago, that the research vessel “Cesme” would conduct a marine survey on February 18 until next March 2 in the northern Aegean.

Turkish military sources accused Greece of escalating tension after practicing many activities in the Aegean Sea, from maneuvers to submarine missions, since the launch of the exploratory talks between the two countries.


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