Saudi Arabia threatens to impose new restrictions in light of the increasing number of Coronavirus cases


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                In a video recording published on Sunday by the Saudi Minister of Health Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, the minister warned of the increasing number of Coronavirus infections in the Kingdom and threatened to impose new restrictions to contain the virus.  The minister attributed the reason for the high number of HIV infections to "gatherings of all kinds and the laxity in applying preventive measures."  Riyadh has reduced the pace of the anti-virus vaccination campaign it launched since December 17th, due to the delay in delivering the agreed shipments.

                                    <p>On Sunday, Saudi Health Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah issued a video warning about the possibility <strong>Impose restrictions</strong> New to contain the Corona virus in light of the high number of infections in the Kingdom after Riyadh eased from <strong>The frequency of pollination </strong>Against the background of delayed shipments.

“Unfortunately, we have noticed, unfortunately, during the past few days, a noticeable increase and a continuous rise in the numbers of HIV infection, and among the most important reasons for this rise are gatherings of all kinds and laxity in applying preventive measures,” the minister said. “Undoubtedly, failure to comply will force us to take precautionary measures to protect society,” he added, without providing further details.

Saudi Arabia has recorded more than 368,000 cases of the virus and about 6,400 deaths. However, at the same time, it recorded a high rate of recoveries, while the number of daily injuries decreased to less than a hundred in early January, after reaching a peak of about 5,000 cases last June. However, the number of daily recorded injuries began to increase in recent weeks, as the Ministry of Health announced on Sunday that 261 injuries had been recorded.

The Kingdom launched its Corona virus vaccination campaign on December 17, after it received its first shipment of the Pfizer / Bionic vaccine. The Ministry of Health announced that the program will be conducted in three phases, starting with people over the age of 65 and those suffering from chronic diseases or at higher risk of infection. However, the ministry announced early this month that it was forced to reduce the pace of the campaign due to the delay in the delivery of shipments by the producing companies.

Saudi Arabia had previously announced that it would lift travel restrictions and reopen its borders on March 31. But the Interior Ministry said Friday that it had postponed the move until May 17 due to the delay in vaccine shipments, in an effort to prevent a second wave of infections.

France 24 / AFP



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