Saudi Arabia slaps the haters .. You will not penetrate our solidarity .. Our message of peace to the whole world – Saudi News


A resounding slap proves once again the failure of the haters to harm the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by using the case of the killing of citizen Jamal Khashoggi as a political tool to distort the kingdom’s image in front of international public opinion, by announcing Riyadh (Friday) evening that the report that was provided to Congress on Khashoggi included false and unconcerned conclusions. Justified, rejecting any matter that would prejudice its leadership, sovereignty, and independence of its judiciary.

In spite of desperate attempts and malicious and systematic campaigns to penetrate the cohesion and homogeneous national fabric among the people and its resolute leadership that is aware of the size of the challenges and difficulties of the stage that advanced countries were unable to overcome, they set out intent on continuing their development path at a pace that stunned everyone .. and overcame the stormy events with confident proportions and steps that shocked the enemies of success .

Much people may not like what Saudi Arabia has accomplished in record time, overcoming all obstacles and crises fabricated by the bloody regimes and their militias whose aggression and excesses are silently watching the world, igniting fires and feeding them to sedition, on top of which are the evil turbans in Tehran. And its threat to security and peace in the region and the world.

The Kingdom of Security and Peace adopts a moderate approach and a message of coexistence and respect according to original foundations drawn from its cultural heritage, and its relations are based on a foreign policy since its unification by the founder King Abdulaziz – may God rest his soul – with various brotherly and friendly countries on the principle of non-interference in the affairs of other countries, and the stability of their positions Concerning the fateful Arab and Islamic issues and regional and international events, and the importance of strengthening these relations in a way that serves common interests and ensuring their continuation and pushing them towards broader horizons and keeping pace with their future vision, and categorically rejects dictations and interference in their affairs, and follows the historical steps that have been implemented during the past few years within the National Transformation Program 2020 According to Vision 2030, he realizes that the volume of work is large despite the challenges that have hit the joints of the global economy with a pandemic that has breathed the planet.

It indicated clearly and transparently that it rejects categorically the abusive and incorrect conclusions contained in the report that cannot be accepted in any way, and that the report included a set of information and other untrue conclusions.

She confirmed that she had condemned Khashoggi’s crime when it occurred, and that the competent authorities had previously made clear to the world that this was a heinous crime and had nothing to hide, and promised that act a flagrant violation of Saudi laws and values, and that whoever committed this act was a group that violated all regulations and violated the powers of the agencies in which they were working All necessary judicial measures have been taken to investigate them and bring them to justice, as final court rulings were issued against them, which the Khashoggi family – may God have mercy on him – welcomed, rejecting any order that would prejudice its leadership, sovereignty, and independence of its judiciary.

She indicated that the partnership between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America is a strong and solid partnership .. has been based during the past eight decades on solid foundations based on mutual respect, and the institutions in the two countries are working to strengthen them in various fields and intensify coordination and cooperation between them to achieve security and stability in the region and the world, and we hope that These solid foundations that formed a strong framework for the two countries’ strategic partnership continue.


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