Saudi Arabia records 338 cases of “Corona” … and the closure of 10 mosques


Saudi Arabia records 338 cases of “Corona” … and the closure of 10 mosques

Saturday – 16 Rajab 1442 AH – February 27, 2021 AD

The vaccination center in the capital, Riyadh (Photo: Bashir Saleh)

Riyadh: «Middle East Online»

Today, Saturday, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced the registration of 338 new cases of Coronavirus, bringing the total confirmed cases in the Kingdom to 377,61 cases.
The ministry said that it had recorded 320 new recoveries, bringing the total to 368 thousand and 11 cases.
It also recorded 5 new deaths, bringing the total to 6,488 deaths.
The active cases reached 2562, of which 475 are critical cases receiving intensive care.
In addition, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance in Saudi Arabia closed, today, 10 mosques temporarily in five regions after 12 cases of Corona were proven among the ranks of the worshipers, bringing the total of what was closed within twenty days to 168 mosques, of which 153 were opened after the completion of the sterilization and the completion of readiness in the framework of caution. On the health of the home goers according to the highest safety standards.
The Ministry indicated that the closed mosques are 6 in the Riyadh region, 6 confirmed cases of Coronavirus were detected, three cases were reported in a mosque in Abha, Aseer region, and one case was reported in three mosques in the Eastern and Northern Borders regions, and Jizan.
The Ministry indicated that 12 mosques were opened, six of them in Riyadh and two in Al-Jawf, and one mosque in the regions of Al-Qassim, Al-Sharqiya, Hail and Jizan, after completing all the precautionary measures of sterilization and maintenance.


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