Saudi Arabia leads the way internationally for fair work ethics practices


In the context of the many reforms that the labor market is witnessing; Including improving contractual relations, recently launched by the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and improving the infrastructure to keep pace with market needs. An international report revealed the Kingdom’s progress at the global level in fair ethical practices for work, preserving workers’ rights and improving services provided to them, in addition to increasing Competitiveness and transparency.
The Kingdom has taken the lead in the recent International Labor Organization report on ethical and fair work practices, represented by the Ministry’s “Musaned” platform, for its pioneering role in preserving the rights of domestic workers and improving the services provided to them, by employing technology, thus contributing to creating a flexible labor market. Transparent and attractive.
The report praised the digital transformation of services provided to workers, employers, and local and foreign recruitment offices, by providing quality services in part of an integrated electronic system to organize the recruitment process that includes visa issuance, contracting and electronic payment, “as this system contributed to raising the quality of services and increasing competitiveness between offices and companies. , Thus reducing the cost in the platform. ”
In the report, the organization discussed the effectiveness of the “Musaned” platform in governing and organizing the contracting mechanism for the employment of domestic workers, and enacting legislation, which resulted in ensuring the rights of the parties to the relationship and ensuring a decent life for the workers, as well as the role of “Musaned” in providing all specialists with all the information, policies and procedures for the parties to the relationship, in addition to The performance of the platform to monitor the sector, achieve a high degree of clarity, by documenting and monitoring the contractual mechanism, and allowing those affected to submit complaints directly to the official authorities.
The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development received; Represented by the Deputy Ministry for International Affairs, a letter praising the role of “Musaned” in coordinating the relationship between the public and private sectors, as well as strengthening communication with external parties in labor-sending countries, by speeding up the procedures and mechanisms used on the online platform, enhancing initiatives to preserve the rights of the parties to the relationship, and increasing transparency And strengthening the electronic infrastructure for government services.
The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development recently launched a “complaints service” about the domestic workers sector electronically through the e-portal of the “Musaned” platform, whereby business owners who have contracts to mediate the recruitment of domestic workers will be able to file complaints electronically through the platform.
The Ministry revealed that the service was fully automated by reducing the steps and not needing to visit the branches or the ministry’s communication channels, as the processing time was reduced, confirming its endeavor to improve and develop services for those wishing to recruit domestic workers, by reviewing previous policies and working to develop them continuously.


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