Saudi Arabia is the largest destination for Bahraini exports during January


Saudi Arabia ranked first in terms of Bahrain’s exports of national origin last January, with a value of 41 million dinars, followed by the UAE with a value of 32 million dinars, while the Sultanate of Oman came in third place with a value of 18 million dinars.
The Bahrain Information and eGovernment Authority confirmed, in a report that Al-Eqtisadiah, reviewed, that the value of national-origin exports increased by 25 percent, to reach 200 million dinars, compared to 160 million dinars for the same month of the previous year. The total exports of the top ten countries represented 82 percent. Of the total volume of exports, while the total of the rest of the countries does not exceed 18%.
In terms of national-origin exports, by commodity, iron ore and its concentrates exported the most exported commodities during January with a value of 30 million dinars, followed by a semi-finished product of iron or steel with a value of 25 million dinars, and then raw aluminum alloys with a value of 20 million dinars.
As for re-exports, the value of re-exports decreased 29 percent by 53 million dinars, compared to 74 million dinars for the same month of the previous year. The top ten countries account for 88 percent of the total re-exports, while the rest of the countries have a share of only 12 percent.
Saudi Arabia came first in terms of the volume of re-exports, which amounted to 14 million dinars, followed by the Sultanate of Oman with a value of ten million dinars, and then the UAE came in third place with nine million dinars.
Jeeps are the most re-exported commodity with a value of 9.4 million dinars, secondly, electrical control and distribution devices of 9.2 million dinars, followed by parts for gas turbines ranked at a value of 6 million dinars.


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