Samsung unveils pricing level for its 8K Neo QLED TVs


The Korean giant has revealed the price at which the 8K Neo QLED TV series is launched to the market, with the price of the new TVs starting at $ 3,500.

Samsung has clarified the prices of its Neo QLED TVs, which feature 4K and 8K Mini-LED screens, which feature thousands of LED lights that enhance the backlight and brightness of the screen.

Samsung offers Neo QLED TVs with a distinct 4K screen size ranging from 55 to 85 inches, while the distinctive 8K devices range between 65 and 85 inches, as Samsung begins shipping the devices within the next month.

The highest version of the Neo QLED 8K devices is also launched in the QN900A series, and the devices also include Quantum Matrix Technology Pro in the Mini-LED backlight display to support more accurate dimming and brightness in TVs, and the Neo Quantum 8K processor also enhances the picture display quality by improving Artificial intelligence technology.

The 65-inch QN900A is scheduled for $ 5,000, the 75-inch premium version is available at $ 7,000, while the 85-inch premium device comes at $ 9,000.

The QN800A series starts at $ 3500 for the 65-inch premium version, or $ 4800 for the 75-inch premium version, and $ 6,500 for the 85-inch premium version, with the Korean giant to begin shipping its 8K TVs on March 13th.



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