Samsung announces lowering the price of this phone


Follow-up – Shady Alloush

The giant “Samsung” has revealed the reduction of the price of its foldable phone, “Galaxy Z Flip”.

Which works with “fifth generation” technology, $ 250 for the copy “Unlocked” that can be run anywhere in the world.

And the new price of the phone became $ 1,200.

According to the “Engadget” technical website, the price of the “Galaxy Z Flip” phone has become less than the “LTE” version of $ 100.

It is worth noting that the “Galaxy Z Flip” phone features a more modern processor.

The company intends to join the processor, “Snapdragon Plus 855” on his second birthday.

It is also considered an alternative to the “Galaxy Fold”, which was introduced by the company in September 2019, and it has faced many delays in its introduction to users due to the emergence of problems in the screen.


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