Samo Zain presents the song “Habito” on the occasion of Valentine’s Day


Thank you for reading a story about Samo Zain releasing the song “Habito” on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, and now with the details of the news

Cairo – Samia Sayed – Singer Samo Zain released a new song entitled “Habito”, on the video site “Youtube”, with lyrics, melodies and distribution by Akram Adel, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day celebrations, and this was not the first time that Akram Adel collaborated with Samo Zain. Where we collaborated before on the song “The Cat”, “The Story of Love”, “Me and You”, “I Broke My Heart” and “Tell Me” … and others.

On the other hand, Samo recently released a song called “Akhtabtout Mesh Ankbouta”, on the YouTube video site, and the song is written by Mahmoud Shawky, composed by Samo Zain and Moataz Amin, and distributed and mastered by Osama Abdel Hadi, Chinese industry and other new songs.

Samo Zayn’s last album was entitled “If I Amri Returns”, which he released in 2018, and the album contained the songs “If I’m Go Back”, “The First You Smile Me”, “Al Zeer”, “Love of the Best Years”, “My Heart Is Talking to Me”, “The broken disc,” “He is my lover,” “no one is delivering it“.


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