Salah Abdullah: My wife is severe and I had a stroke that changed the course of my life


Salah Abdullah: My wife is severe and I had a stroke that changed the course of my life

Artist Salah Abdullah said that he suffered a health crisis in 2010 and suffered a stroke that changed the course of his life.

Salah Abdullah added, during his hosting of the program “One of the People” by Amr Al-Leithi, broadcast on Al-Hayat screen, explaining that Dunia was staying with him in the hospital, and there was a doctor who followed my case and expressed his admiration for her, and asked to be associated with her.

And Salah Abdullah continued: “My daughter Shorouk had a problem with her marriage, and her husband was traveling outside Egypt, and I was completely reluctant to be away from him, and because of that the marriage stopped temporarily until he returns from travel,” explaining that he is very neutral with the husbands of his daughters, and that he is a guardian And his relationship is very good with them, and they are very respectful, while his daughter Dunia said that she is the closest personality to her father and is distinguished by the same character, and the most one she flings.

Salah Abdullah added that his daughters would change from each other if one senses that I am interested in one more than the other, but they love each other, and I always talk to them about my journey and my memories when I was living in Bulaq Abu Al-Ela and the memories of fatigue and the struggle, and he indicated that his daughter reaped the last cluster for her 3 mothers of her mother, Najwa, and her sister, Dunia and Shorouk.

Artist Salah Abdullah said: “My wife Najwa has a trait of distress from her mother, and God’s father, may God have mercy on him, left the house management for my mother, and we were 8 sisters, boys and only one girl.

Salah Abdullah added: “Despite the severity of my mother, I was attached to her and I and my brothers, and she was not tolerating us with air, to the point that I had a migraine headache and I was banging my brain in the wall, and my only treatment was to lower my brain on my mother’s chest, and she was always hanging me on.” Unfortunately, she passed away and you did not see me while I was famous. ”

And Salah Abdullah continued: “Every one of my daughters was a brilliant move in my life, and at many times at the beginning of my career I slept in front of the camera, because I knew that there was a newborn coming on the road and myself living with them happily ever after.” And he continued: “Social Media.” A new world, and it has its own and what it owes, but it has become present and standing, and I got to know many people from the media, including writers, poets and intellectuals.


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