Salah Abdullah: I let Mahmoud Morsi sing in the series “Abu Al-Ela 90”


Salah Abdullah said: “The only thing that I started and completed in my life’s journey is acting, and I thank God that I love acting and our Lord has blessed me with more than I deserve, and I had many other hobbies, including playing soccer and chess, but I did not complete these hobbies, and poetry I think I write Words close to poetry, but not poetry in its professional sense, and they are words that come in my imagination and write them, and I wrote serial sequences and I let Mahmoud Morsi sing in Abu Al-Ela 90, and the great director Muhammad Fadel called me and wanted me to write the song, and I went to Hany Shenouda to compose the words and actually The giant Mahmoud Morsi sang it in the Abu El-Ela series 90, which is the only time Mahmoud Morsi sang.

Salah Abdullah added, during his stay as a guest in one of the people’s program with the media figure Amr Al-Leithi on the Al-Hayat screen, and his daughter Donya Salah moderated the dialogue with him: “I lived in Bulaq, and they were the great children of the country, and my big brother insisted on going to the family home in Bulaq and the neighbors there stood with my brother The pause of the country’s sons.

The last work of the artist Salah Abdullah was the series “Jamal Al-Harem”, which belongs to the quality of the work of 45 episodes, written by Sawsan Amer and directed by Manal Al-Saifi, and the Lebanese starring Nour, Khaled Selim, Dina Fouad, Islam Jamal, Hazem Samir, Firas Saeed, Karim Abdel Khaleq and Rana President, Hoda Al-Atribi and Mohamed Shaheen.


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