Ryan Reynolds and McAlhenny fully acquire Wrexham with $ 2.76 million


Some foreign reports revealed that world star Ryan Reynolds and world superstar Rob McLhinney fully acquired Wrexham club, after investing about $ 2.76 million, and completely owning the club.

According to a report published in the British Daily Mail newspaper, in which it revealed Reynolds and McHenney had completely controlled the English club, after completing the terms of the deal held last November, and in a statement issued by the club confirmed that the new owners will provide the money in full in addition to identifying the first team players is the first step. Them to compete for the championships.

Ryan Reynolds and McLhinney
Ryan Reynolds and McLhinney

According to Variety, the international star Ryan Reynolds has owned the club Wrexham AFC, which is based in Wales, and plays in the National League for the fifth division, and is close to climbing to the top division in the league for four points, waiting to be won in the next matches.

Reynolds hopes to tremendously for the new club he owns, as he will be keen in the coming period to promote it through various social media platforms, which he will succeed in greatly because he has more followers on Twitter than the official page of Liverpool, the English Premier League champion in the previous version. .

The Wrexham Club
The Wrexham Club

The two actors, who are among the biggest fans of Wrexham FC last November, announced in a webcast that they intend to create a documentary about the team, something along the lines of a series. HBO’s NFL “Hard Knocks, Or a string Amazon The latest is about English football giants Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City.


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