Ruensito is a Latin artist who brought together Mexico and Beirut


Ruensito, is a Mexican artist currently living in Beirut. He moved two years ago to Beirut to take up residence and settle there with the start of his career as a singer and writer.
He worked in the field of writing and published his first book under the title Seven Moms last year.

As a singer, which is his main profession and passion, he released his first two songs a year ago, “Me Corono”, which spread very quickly and ranked fourth on Anghami and Spotify in the Latin song category. The song was listened to by more than 200,000 people in about 97 countries.

Since then, Roensetto has been working on more music as they make it possible for 2021 to be full of new releases.

Starting with the new song “Mi casa es tu casa” this was written as a tribute to his home country, Mexico. But also as an artist who lives in the Middle East, he sees it as a song that aims to show a part of his roots to the people here and as an invitation for everyone to live the Mexican art, culture and traditions of the Mexican people.

The song was recorded in Beirut, and was also filmed in a video clip on the streets of Mexico to show its authenticity to the public.

He is also preparing to launch the next song “100X100” as he also filmed it, but in Beirut, directed by Ramy Nabeh, and the work will be released at the end of next March.

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