Revealing the legal position of Al-Suwaiket after his tweets towards the Disciplinary Committee


Al-Marsad Newspaper: Former Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, Legal Counselor Ayman Al-Rifai, revealed the legal position of Safwan Al-Suwaiket, President of Al-Nasr, after his tweets against the Disciplinary Committee following its decision against the youth president and Siba player.

According to Al-Riyadiah, legal advisor Ayman Al-Rifai clarified that Al-Suwaikat’s tweets do not require legal punishment because they do not include accusation, abuse or insult against a specific person or entity, stressing that the administration of Al-Nasr and Hussein Abdel-Ghani has the right to escalate the case to the Appeals Committee of the Football Association.

Al-Rifai asserted that Abdul-Ghani’s case is considered a criminal case because his reputation has been encroached upon and accused of racism.


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