Reports warn of a “deadly fungus” described by experts as a “perfect pathogen”!


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Reports warn of


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Reports have revealed a fatal yeast-like fungal infection known as the “white spot disease fungus”, which experts describe as an almost “perfect pathogen”.

And fungi can be fatal, especially if it enters the bloodstream, usually through catheters or other tubes that enter the body in health care settings, according to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).CDC).

Experts first identified it in 2009, and it is almost impervious to antifungal drugs, according to Jonah Rhodes, an epidemiologist at Imperial College London.

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Rhodes, who helped tackle an outbreak of the “white spot disease” fungus in England in 2016, said it’s not just the drug’s resistance to the fungi that makes it so impressive.

And she was told “New Scientist“One of the things that makes the ‘white spot disease’ fungus so scary is the fact that it can survive on inanimate surfaces for long periods.”

Dr. Tom Chiller, who directs the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Fungicide Control Division, said no one really knows where it came from.

He added, “It is a creature from the Black Lake. It has exploded and is now everywhere.”

Experts said it was crucial to develop better weapons against enemies such as the “white spot disease” fungus now, before it becomes the next epidemic.

“We need to invest more in research and development, and prepare our defenses – against all types of infectious pathogens,” said Mahmoud Ghanoum, a fungal disease specialist at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio.

Source: New York Post


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