Reports of the Saudi authorities arresting a well-known preacher in Makkah


The “Prisoners of Conscience” account said that the Saudi authorities have arrested a well-known preacher in the Makkah region.

The account stated that the authorities arrested the preacher Aisha Al-Muhajiri (65 years), after a raid on her house by about 20 members.

He added that the preacher Al-Muhajiri is currently located behind the walls of Dhahban political prison in Jeddah, due to her advocacy activities.

He pointed out that the arrest also included two women, one of whom was over eighty years old.

In a related context, “prisoners of conscience” revealed that the Saudi authorities are arresting journalist Osama al-Sahli, a former writer for “Al-Bilad” newspaper.

He explained that Al-Sahli was arrested in January 2019, and that he was sentenced to 8 years in prison for his previous tweets.

Since the arrival of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to his post in 2017, the Saudi authorities have launched widespread arrest campaigns targeting preachers, writers, and academics, although the arrest of many of them came despite their retirement from talking about public affairs.


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