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If you like to follow the latest songs that are released on YouTube and know “the trend” every day, you will notice that there are tons of “rap” songs.

At first, you will think that they are just new songs that have been released and the audience was interested in hearing them, but the truth is not that, there is a story about these songs.

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“Trend” YouTube is led by rapper Marawan Moussa and the song “Mesh Okay”, in which he responds to the rappers Wjez and Abu Youssef.

What happened and how did the story begin?

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The story began when Marwan Moussa revealed that he was in Dubai to shoot a song in Dubai, after which he released his song “Mesh Fair” and in it he talks about people who do not like good and envy him.

Then Wigs published a video of one of his fans who showed a block similar to Marwan Moussa, yellow hair and glasses, and at that time Marwan Moussa responded to him through Track “All in Al Salim”, in which he also spoke about Abu Youssef.

Abu Youssef found that Marwan and Weeks presented “Tarakat” and talked about him, so he only responds to them and puts up a new track, and tells what happened, and through him he said that there were attempts at reconciliation, but “Pinkhah” is permissible. It all owes him that he taught him rap.

Then Marwan Musa proposed “I am not okay”.

YouTube becomes “Trend” at the forefront of rap songs, in which the “rapper” responds to each other in their own way.

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