Ranieri: Frieler was sent off against Real Madrid? Not deserving … the verdict was too severe


Sampdoria coach Claudio Ranieri confirmed that the referee of the match between Atalanta and Real Madrid was arbitrary in his decision to expel Remo Freiler From the Italian team.

Freelance Lab Atalanta He received a red card directly in the 17th minute, and the referee’s decision sparked widespread controversy.

Real Madrid defeated Atalanta with a goalless goal scored by Ferland Mendy in the 86th minute by going into the Champions League round of 16 in Bergamo.

Ranieri was asked whether he watched the Atalanta match against Real Madrid, and said in statements published by the Italian website “Toto Mercato”: “I watched the meeting … I must say that there was no red card.”

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He added: “The referee was very strict, it is very bad because it definitely would have been another match (if the expulsion had not happened).”

And he stressed: “Atalanta came out with their heads raised and he will be able to perform very well in Madrid. It’s not over in Bergamo, I’m sure of that.”

It is reported that Atalanta will face Sampdoria next Sunday in the 24th round of the Italian League.

Friller expelled in front of Real Madrid


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