Raging controversy in Cyprus over the song she is performing in “Eurovision”


Nicosia: «AFP»
The song that Cyprus chose to represent it in the “Eurovision” European Song Contest, sparked controversy on the Mediterranean island, following an unknown threat to “burn a building” to the Public Authority for Radio and Television, and sharp criticism from religious education professors.
The public television channel (CYBC) broadcast, for the first time, on Wednesday, the song entitled “El Diablo”, voiced by the Greek singer Elena Tsangrino.
The public channel informed the police that it had received a call from an unknown party threatening to burn down the CYBC building to protest against choosing the song to represent this Mediterranean country inhabited by a majority of the Orthodox population in the Eurovision competition, according to the Cyprus News Agency.
The Syndicate of Religious Education Teachers in Schools also published a statement Friday, urging the Cypriot Public Authority to withdraw from this choice.
The union expressed its “horror” over the lyrics of the song that was chosen to represent Al Jazeera in the European singing competition scheduled for May, saying that the singer “glorifies evil and loves it.”
She also inquired about the criteria adopted by the “CYBC” public “to select songs of this poor quality.” The union asked: “Why is it so difficult to choose artists from our island who can promote our culture and musical traditions in international singing competitions?”
CYBC responded to the criticism, citing a misunderstanding of the song’s lyrics, which are inspired by the “perpetual struggle between good and evil”.
Cyprus has been participating in the Eurovision Song Contest for four decades, and has achieved its best classification in 2018 by coming second.


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