Ragheb Alama is the guest of the first episodes of “Karaoke Carpool Arabic”


Dubai TV announced the launch of the third season of “Karaoke Carpool in Arabic”.

With the presence of this program again on Dubai TV, the artistic variety programs are moving to a different level of entertainment on a new and innovative basis in terms of form and content, after the successful program in its foreign version achieved the highest viewing rates in the world, as it attracted with its unique idea the largest The most famous and strongest international stars, such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Adele, Justin Bieber, and others.

At the beginning of each new episode, the Lebanese broadcaster Wissam Braidi, the driver of the car, sets out to take one of the brightest stars of art in the Arab world to the new filming location of its kind, as this field tour will include discovering many unique sites with a high dose of humor, laughter and surprises out of the ordinary , To record the cameras monitored in a luxury car, from the streets of Dubai, the new event of its kind in the world of television programs, in a manner unprecedented before in the history of Arab visual media.

And the audience followed up with the Saudi broadcaster Hisham Al-Howaish, the episodes of the first and second seasons of “Karaoke Carpool in Arabic”, with the participation of a number of art stars in the Arab world.

Dubai TV fans also watched the episodes of the second season, with elite stars of the Arab world, such as: Asala Nasri, Melhem Zein, Wael Jassar, Amr Youssef, Carmen Suleiman, Najwa Karam, Hassan Al Raddad, Shaima Saif, Latifa Al Tunisi, Sirin Abdel Nour, Myriam Fares Angham, Samira Saeed, and Asi El-Hillani.

The Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama opens the first episode of the third season in an exceptional episode, interspersed with many funny situations and surprises in the streets of Dubai and its many places, in addition to many secrets that he reveals for the first time.



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