Qusay Khouli shares with the audience his joy about the talent of his son, “the famous painter Van Gogh” (photos)


The star, Qusay Khouli, shared his joy about the talent of his son, Brigadier Fares, through two pictures, which he published on his Instagram page, and praised his child for the world famous Dutch painter Van Gogh.Despite the simplicity of the two drawings chosen by the child, who is no more than two and a half years old, in dark water colors, his parents were keen to pay attention to his talent to a great degree, by placing them in a soft frame to stand out clearly and placed on the wall.

The Syrian star expressed his happiness and pride in the talent of his only child through a comment in which he said: “The little Junkukh. It is the first two paintings of Brigadier Fares and Hodul, our most valuable possessions today.”He continued, “God protects and protects you, oh our little one, oh our soul, all our world, and protects all the children of the world.”

Followers interacted widely with the pictures, and thousands of them admired them, expressing their happiness over the joy of their favorite star, wishing him and his child happiness.

Qusay is achieving great success recently through his new series “No Judgment,” which he co-stars in Lebanese Valery Abu Chakra, Fadi Ibrahim, Randa Kaadi, Tony Issa, Carlos Azar, Carole Hajj, Abdo Shaheen, and other stars. It is written, screenplay and dialogue. Bilal Shehadat and Nadine Jaber, directed by Philip Asmar, consists of 15 episodes.


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