Qatar condemns “in the strongest terms” the missile attack on the Saudi capital


The State of Qatar condemned “in the strongest terms” the missile attack that targeted the Saudi capital, Riyadh, considering it a “dangerous act against civilians,” which is “a matter that contradicts all international norms and laws.”

In the same context, the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated the State of Qatar’s firm stance on rejecting violence and criminal and subversive acts, whatever the motives and causes.

Several explosions reverberated in the sky of Riyadh yesterday evening, Saturday, as Saudi forces intercepted a ballistic attack launched by the Houthi group, according to what was confirmed by the Saudi “Al-Akhbariya” channel.

The Saudi-Emirati coalition also confirmed that it had “monitored the launch of a number of booby-trapped drones by the terrorist Houthi militia,” referring to “the interception and destruction of an explosive drone launched by the militia towards Jazan.

Several areas in Saudi Arabia are exposed to ballistic missiles and explosive drones launched from Yemen at its airports and oil installations.

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