Private .. Nihal Anbar reveals the details of the death of the artist Youssef Shaaban .. The date of the burial and the funeral


He died a few moments ago, the great Egyptian artist Youssef Shaaban At the age of 90, he was affected by the Coronavirus, according to the artist Nihal Anbar In a phone call with “my lady”, where she was in a state of tears and grief.

The artist Nihal Anbar

Nihal told «Madam»: “Dr. Tariq Al-Sayed, Director of Al-Agouza Hospital, told me yesterday that the health condition of the artist Youssef Shaaban has deteriorated, and that all body functions have significantly decreased, and that they only work with medical devices, and that the heart is very weak, as well as the percentage of oxygen in the blood was very weak. And he confirmed that he began to lose consciousness completely, then he told me about a quarter of an hour ago about the death of the star Yusef Shaban, as the news came to me like a thunderbolt, and I cannot believe until now and it is not understood, but my only consolation is that God chose him with his kindness and care, and we all return to God.

Nihal added: “The burial ceremony will start from 10 am tomorrow, Monday, when he will be buried by his nephew, in coordination with Munir Makram, a member of the Filmmakers Syndicate Council. The condolences will be from the police mosque tomorrow evening, God willing. ”

The late star Youssef Shaaban

Nihal Anbar concluded her remarks to “Madam”: “I wish the man’s memorial service at his home in the Syndicate of Cinematic Professions, and I am deeply saddened by the death of the artist Youssef Shaaban..May God have mercy on him, he was a man in the fullest sense of the word and he loved art and Egypt in general. May God have mercy on the deceased ».

The death of the Egyptian artist Youssef Shaaban, at the age of 90

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