Pictures caused controversy by Nisreen Tafesh after being released by the Trend .. Watch


Al-Madina News: – The artist Nisreen Tafesh topped the Google search index, after publishing many different photos, and the artist Nisreen Tafesh is keen to share with her audience the latest photos and news through her official Instagram account.
Nisreen Tafesh is keen to follow fashion trends and wear distinctive clothes that highlight her beauty. She also tends to choose colored dresses and casual clothes that show her grace.

As for aesthetics, the artist Nisreen Tafesh relies on choosing the earthy colors for the eyeshadow, and prefers a red lipstick in red, which highlights the beauty of her femininity.

She also tends to choose a light brown color for her hair, which matches her white skin, and leaves it off the surface most of the time to reveal her beauty.


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