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The Al Salim House in Haret Hreik is still a pilgrimage to loved ones and friends who come to console the grieving ninety-nine mother, Salma Mershaq, and the sister Rasha al-Amir, who is busy with the deceased’s wife preparing the burial ceremony next Thursday, which takes a symbolism that the family wanted to be resounding.

By burying Luqman Salim in the dirt of the garden of Al Salim’s home, the male remains forever in the place he never deserted, despite the difference he represented in his environment.

(Nabil Ismail).

This morning, colleague Nabil Ismail visited the house, where the scene was divided into two pictures. The first shows the bereaved mother trying to keep the composure and calmness of people as much as possible, but when the mother’s heart gives free rein to the tongue, she finds her saying: “No matter how many girls come, I will live. Like Luqman … a loss for the Shiite sect that lost Luqman, I do not scratch Tari.

The responses to the assassination of the political activist Luqman Salim continued, as Al-Nahar learned that the Appeal General Prosecutor in the south, Judge Rahaif Ramadan, agreed to the request of the deceased’s relatives to appoint a private doctor from the family to examine the body, which was transferred to the American University of Beirut Hospital.

(Nabil Ismail).

The forensic doctor assigned by Judge Ramadan completed his report with the result of examining Salim’s body and submitting it to the Appeal Attorney General. The report showed that the victim, as a result of the scanner examination, was hit with six bullets, five in the head and the sixth in the back. While it was not clear that the victim had been tortured before she was finished. Judge Ramadan agreed to hand over the body, which after Salim was found covered in his blood, to Saida Governmental Hospital. The absence of signs of torture on the corpse indicates that the perpetrator or perpetrators awaited the victim in order to finish it off, which enters the logic of organized crime.

The second picture is in the garden of the house, and there are preparations for the burial, so that the place of the grave will be installed near it, and it will turn into a shrine for the lovers of Luqman. .

As for the investigations, there is nothing new until now, and Rasha denied journalist Mona Allama’s account about a role for Al-Qqman with a Hezbollah dissident who might be behind his assassination.

And the prince tweeted, through her account on “Twitter”: “Scops beyond the unseen by Brave Luqman

Salim said all he had in public: He climbed, pouring its murky waters into the swamp of killers!

It was a sign that I wrote in an article published on the English-language Al-Arabiya channel that “What killed Salim was not his explicit criticism of Hezbollah, which in the past few years has transformed Lebanon – with the tacit approval of the corrupt Lebanese leadership – into an Iranian subordinate, at the expense of his economy. And its stability and external relations, “but because it” has gone too far in exposing the internal fabric of Hezbollah and its complex network on the Internet. “

She explained that in the past few months, Salim has searched for money laundering activities for “Hezbollah,” and possible contacts between merchants who facilitate these activities for the party, and their dealings with the Banque du Liban. “

She said, “Four days ago, specifically on Sunday, January 31, Salim asked me to go through his office on Monday, where he wanted to discuss a sensitive topic with me that could only be done face to face.”

She added, “When I met him on Monday January 1, he confirmed that he had been in contact with a business partner of Hezbollah, who was heavily involved in the party’s money laundering activities and was sanctioned by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This person, whose name has not been released, was Ready to defect in exchange for its removal from Lebanon and its protection from Hezbollah. “

(Nabil Ismail).


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