“Perseverance” spacecraft took 5,000 photos of Mars, documenting 7 minutes of terror – Reuters


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The British newspaper “Daily Mail” said: The “Perseverance” vehicle of the American Space Agency “NASA”, spent a whole week on the surface of Mars, during that period

Source: Muhammad Tharwat – Erm News

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” said: The “Perseverance”, of the American Space Agency,NASA“She spent an entire week on the surface of Mars, during that short period she sent thousands of pictures, the most prominent of which was a“ selfie ”.

And she added in a report published on Saturday evening, that the spacecraft landed on the surface of Mars at 9 pm on Thursday, February 18 GMT, after 7 minutes of terror.

“The vehicle, which costs $ 2.2 billion, is loaded with 23 cameras, including 9 for engineering work, 7 for science, and 7 others to help it land on the surface of the Red Planet,” she said.

The first image sent from Mars, among more than 5,000 images, was a black and white image loaded with dust, and was captured by exploration cameras, and rocks of different sizes appear on the planet’s surface.

The newspaper pointed out that one of the most prominent pictures sent from Mars was the vehicle that hung over the surface of Mars, and contacted the spacecraft that helped the “Perseverance” spacecraft. Other scenes included an exciting high-resolution 360-degree panoramic image of the Martian scene and a video of the spacecraft’s landing on the planet’s surface.

The US space agency NASA said: “The images sent from the red planet will help scientists evaluate the geological history and atmospheric conditions of the (Jizero) crater and the identity of the rocks, and carry out careful checks before the vehicle returns to Earth.”
And the “Daily Mail”, quoting “NASA”: “Among the images captured by the cameras on the surface of Mars, there was an exciting video, which showed 7 minutes of terror that the rover went through, while it was settling in the atmosphere of Mars, to land in the crater of the volcano.”

And she said, the first color image sent from Mars was of a scene beneath the spacecraft, showing rocks and soil, as the spacecraft approached the surface of Mars.

It quoted “Aaron Stehora”, the engineer of the space flight system at “NASA” as saying: “These are things that we have not seen before, and we are on the surface of Mars, the vehicle was only 7 meters away from the surface of the Red Planet, it is very pleasant, that These images convey to us a complete human experience on Mars. ”


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