Pepe scored the third for Arsenal against Leicester in the 52nd minute … Video


Nicholas Pepe scored the third goal for Arsenal against Leicester City in the 52nd minute of the events of the second half to make the score 3-1 in favor of the Gunners, in the match that brings the two teams together in the 26th round of the English Premier League competition.

Belgian Yuri Telemans scored the lead goal for Leicester City in the 7th minute of the first half, then Brazilian David Luiz drew in favor of Aljanner with a great header in the 40th minute, and French Alexandre Lacazette added the gunner’s second goal from a penalty kick in the 45th minute of wasted time.

Arsenal began the Leicester City match by forming:

Goalkeeper: Lino

Defense: Cedric, Louise, Mary, Tierney

Midfielders: Xhaka, Nene, Smith Roy

The attack: Pepe, Willian, Lacazette

The Leicester City formation was as follows:

Goalkeepers: Schmeichel

Defensive line: Castane, Sonico, Evans, Thomas

Midfielders: Ricardo, Telemans, Ndidi

Offensive line: Barneys, Fardi, Ihanzhou

It is worth noting that Leicester City ranks third in the Premier League table with 49 points, behind runner-up Manchester United on goal difference, while Arsenal is 11th with 34 points.


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