Penalties await Conte and Agnelli after the events of the Juventus and Inter Milan match


It was a night full of drama at Allianz Stadium, after he arrived Juventus To the Coppa Italia final, in a 0-0 draw with Inter Milan, after winning the first leg 2-1.

The excitement was not great on the field, but it had many skirmishes off the field, between Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte and Andrea Agnelli, Juventus president.

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Conte stated after the match, that the fourth referee witnessed and heard what happened throughout the match, from his former Juventus president Andrea Agnelli.See the details

According to “Futbol Italia”, the relationship between Conte and Anelli has collapsed since the summer of 2014, when Antonio resigned a few days before the start of the season, after winning 3 titles in the Italian league.

Conte questioned Juventus’ transfer policy, which angered club president Andrea Agnelli, before Antonio was appointed coach of Inter Milan in the summer of 2019.

The Italian newspaper “La Gazzetta” reported that the fourth referee, Daniel Sheffe, was the one whom Conte referred to in his statements, but the disciplinary committee will rely on the report of the referee, Mauricio Mariani, who was following the matter from the field.

The Italian newspaper also stressed that Agnelli and Conte face the risk of punishment from the Italian Federation, if the matter is submitted to the Italian Federation Prosecutor’s Office.

The Italian site, “Toto Mercato Web”, shed light on the Italian sports law, specifically Article 39 that severely punishes non-sporting behavior, and provides for the coach to be suspended for at least two matches, and the club’s penalty may reach preventing him from qualifying for European competitions.

A judge is expected to pass the verdict after the Napoli-Atlanta match ends on Wednesday.


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