Own a Piece of Space: An Astronomical Auction featuring Moon Rocks and Pieces of Mars for Big Money!


Christie’s auction house in New York City is making an online sale on Tuesday, displaying a staggering 75 meteors for less than $ 250 and even more than $ 180,000.

One of the samples contains seven billion-year-old star dust, which is described as “the oldest material that mankind can touch,” and some will contain pieces of the atmosphere of the Moon and Mars. The highlight of the auction is a meteorite weighing approximately 16 pounds, and could see record sales of $ 180,000.

And unlike 99% of all other meteorites, this meteorite has not been flipped or reversed as it descends on Earth, but it has maintained a steady orientation throughout its descent, according to a version of Christy.

It is estimated that this detailed piece will sell for anywhere between $ 50,000 and $ 80,000.

“Everyone has an image in their mind of what a meteor should look like – an extraterrestrial object that is friction-heated while penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere,” said James Hislop, head of science and natural history at Christie’s.

There are bubbles from the effect of glass inside the sample that contains the Martian atmosphere, which cause the meteorite to be heated by friction in the atmosphere.

Then gas bubbles form, trapping the atmosphere inside when the glass finally cools.

A large iron meteor was found in Odessa, Texas, after “the largest single meteor in the United States,” and is expected to cost $ 50,000.

Although only one piece is up for auction, the entire meteorite, which is about 63,000 years old, left a crater 100 feet deep upon impact.

And a young boy found another object, its value was estimated at 15 thousand dollars to 25 thousand dollars, after the fall of the “Terhart” meteorite in Morocco.

Among these unusual meteorites, a sparkling silver ball was discovered designed from a meteorite found in Sweden that originated from a “shattered asteroid core”, and is offered for between $ 14,000 and $ 18,000.

The auction event titled “Profound Impact: Mars, Moon and Other Rare Meteorites” will begin online on February 9, 2021, and will run until February 23.

Source: Daily Mail


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