Only the sovereignty and leadership of the Saudi people have said their word – Saudi News


The Saudi popular position rejecting the American intelligence report reflected the people standing behind its leadership, one ranks like a compact structure that tightens each other, confident in every step taken by the leadership and the judicial decisions that it committed to dealing with the Khashoggi case and preventing a recurrence of such an incident, which is what restrained the politicians and defeated each other. Those who disagree and refuse to violate the state’s sovereignty and symbols because they are a red line .. The people have trusted the procedures of the judiciary in the Kingdom and the efficiency and professionalism of Saudi judges. On the other hand, the US administration’s publication of its intelligence report on the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi raised many questions about the need for high credibility and transparency for such. The reports issued by the largest security institution in the world, which are supposed to have a high degree of accuracy and not dependence on presumptive conclusions, in addition to not throwing accusations arbitrarily on state symbols, especially since such reports harm the credibility of American policy in the Middle East and the world, and reflect a model of the position The Biden administration could have dealt with him differently to maintain a strategic partner, and an alliance dating back more than 70 years, especially since the kingdom applied the law and prosecuted the accused. In the Khashoggi murder, their trial sessions were attended by representatives of the five permanent members of the Security Council, and their trial was attended by a representative of Turkey, in addition to the presence of representatives of Saudi human rights organizations and the children of the victim, which reflects the approach of transparency applied by the Saudi judicial authorities. In the midst of the successive reactions from various Gulf Arab and Islamic parties and levels condemning, and by returning to the text of the report, there is a clear absence of information, evidence, analysis, and evidence, especially since the Jamal Khashoggi case represented a heinous criminal act, and the Kingdom took all judicial measures to hold those responsible accountable. The Kingdom was and still is a strategic ally of the United States, and Riyadh is looking forward to strengthening relations with it in the face of common challenges, and intensifying efforts to cooperate in various files and topics of common interest in the interests of the two countries, especially since the partnership between the Kingdom and the United States is a strong, historical and solid partnership, and institutions work In the two countries, to strengthen them in various fields, and to intensify coordination and cooperation between them to achieve security and stability in the region and the world. It is important to point out that mistakes and transgressions occur in all countries of the world, regardless of the power of the regime, and the role of the state remains in punishing the perpetrators of these transgressions, and taking the most severe measures to ensure that they do not recur, which is what the Kingdom’s government did at the time, and for us in what happened in Abu Ghraib Iraqi prison By some members of the American forces who had violated the powers granted to them and that they tortured Iraqi prisoners, and the President of the United States, the Vice President, or the Secretary of State was not aware of their action. We have also seen in the past how some intelligence reports based on wrong conclusions have resulted in disastrous results in our region, such as the war on Iraq that was built on wrong intelligence information .. Everything is negotiable in the Kingdom, the rule of law, transparency and integrity .. except for sovereignty .. and leadership are understood. Red line.


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