Omar Zahran: Izzat Al-Alayli threatened to resort to the Egyptian ambassador over the landfill program Video


Director and media director Omar Zahran revealed that the late artist Izzat Al-Alayli refused to appear on the “hidden camera” program, and threatened to resort to the Egyptian ambassador if the tapes were not scanned and delivered to him.

During his hosting of an episode of the “Cairo Today” program presented by the journalist Jamal Inayat and the journalist Nancy Magdy, Omar Zahran said: “We had a session. There were many conversations, and a very long time passed, and they surprised us that this was a hidden camera, and that what happened between us was completely recorded. ”

He added, “At that time, Professor Salah Al-Saadani’s emotion was reaching the sky. I was surprised by Professor Ezzat in complete calm, but it had an extraordinary effect. He waited until the world had completely calmed down, and he threatened that he would resort to the Egyptian ambassador, and that the tapes must be scanned and delivered to him.”

Omar Zahran stated that Ezzat Al-Alayli categorically refused to give his approval for the program, even after they told him that the program was public, and that huge sums would be agreed with him, and they acted very kindly with him, the tapes were delivered, and all that was recorded.


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