Oman promotes Omanisation by assigning jobs in higher education institutions to citizens – Arabs and the world – the Arab world


The Ministry of Labor in the Sultanate of Oman said that the Sultanate, today, Sunday, strengthened its program to replace expatriate workers with citizens by a decision to allocate many jobs in higher education institutions for Omanis..

In recent weeks, the Omani government has intensified a far-reaching policy, known as Omanisation, to create jobs for its citizens to help support an economy weakened by low oil prices and the Coronavirus crisis..

In the latest step to provide job opportunities for Omanis, the Ministry of Labor said today, Sunday, that jobs in administration, financial affairs, student affairs, and student and vocational guidance will be allocated to Omanis in 28 private higher education institutions in the country..

The ministry said Omanis would replace foreigners in those jobs when existing work permits expired.

In an amendment to the labor system for 2021, the Ministry of Labor said last month that it would raise fees for the recruitment of non-Omani workers, targeting higher and specialized positions..

The Ministry also announced plans for training programs for specific sectors for Omanis, and to bring the benefits of working in the private sector closer to those obtained by workers in the government sector..

National data since 2004 showed that the number of foreign workers in the Sultanate of Oman began to decline in 2018 after rising on an annual basis before that time..

The data of the National Center for Statistics showed a decrease in foreign workers in Oman by 15.7 percent in 2020, 4.2 percent in 2019, and 3.6 percent in 2018..

The Gulf states are highly dependent on migrant workers in sectors ranging from financial services to healthcare and construction.

Sultan Haitham, the Sultan of Oman, has accelerated sensitive administrative and economic reforms, including the implementation of the value-added tax, since he took office a year ago.



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