Old Video | Youssef Shaaban: “I was hoping that I would die while in the studio.”


03:55 PM

Saturday 27 February 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

The artist Youssef Shaaban was infected with Corona virus on February 23 and was transferred to Agouza Hospital.

Artist Youssef Shaaban presented about 300 Egyptian art with what ranges between cinema, theater and television.

Among his most famous television works are: “The Case of His Excellency the Minister,” “Asmahan,” “Cleopatra,” “Heaven and Fire,” “The Resolution,” “Talk and Palaces”, “A Princess in Abdeen”, “Stray Light”, “A Woman from the Time of Love.” , “Dougari 90”, “Twin”, other works.

Youssef Shaaban participated with major stars in several famous films, including: “The Case of Samiha Badran”, “The Virgin and the Scorpion”, “The Path of Jadaan”, “A Crime in the Depths”, “Kashf Al-Hidden”, “Wanted a Widow”, “A Thousand and One Nights” , “Traitorous,” “nun.”

In 2017, the artist Youssef Shaaban spoke about his retirement from art due to his illness.

“Shaaban” said during his meeting with the “90 Minutes” program, presented by the journalist Moataz Al-Demerdash: “From about 4 years there has been no discussion in my generation of actors or directors. Does the youth generation have to occupy the place, even though the arena can accommodate everyone.”

He added, “The generations went to Ghana and looked alone. There are no works that are exposed to me, neither I nor my generation, there is no contact with me like the first, I do not talk about myself, and I am full of acting, I worked 50 years.”

He continued: “I announced my retirement from art, and I consider what happened this isolation, I felt that in a process of sabotage, it must remain in the production sector, because the civilized and Egyptian face does not have anyone, in shovels that destroy what our teachers and our generations made.”

He continued, “Every series I watch, in which I meet words and people beat each other, or people holding knives for some, must remain at the level of the artistic process of Egypt, it is necessary to remain in a party supervising the work, we will not prefer relying on President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, Egypt is just him.”

He continued: “The artistic work is a collective work, not an individual work. The truth is like you, nor a series in the Ramadan season.”

He added, “I was hoping that I would die in the studio while I was working in art and not outside it, but I would not do anything wrong with my work and wrap me up with these works. Most of the works currently being presented do not have any goal.”

He continued, “I went through a health crisis for a year and a half, and the producers talked to me to reassure me, but I am currently fine and ready to act.”

He said, “There are many fine young people, including Ahmed Al-Sakka and Karim Abdel Aziz, but they must remain side by side with pillars of drama.”

Youssef Shaaban’s last work in the movie “The Fourth Pyramid” with Ahmed Hatem, Tara Emad, Mirhan Hussein and Mahmoud El-Gendy in 2016.


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