Oh Tire :: Preparations for opening shops from Monday … What about the details of the Corona committee meeting?


Caretaker Prime Minister Dr. Hassan Diab chaired a meeting of the Ministerial Committee to follow up the Coronavirus epidemic, in the presence of Ministers Zeina Aker, Raoul Nehme, Mohamed Fahmy, Imad Hoballah, Michel Najjar, Ramzi Al-Musharrafiya, Hamad Hassan, Vartine Ohanian and Charbel Wehbe, Director General of the Presidency of the Republic Dr. Antoine Choucair, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Judge Mahmoud Makiya, Secretary-General of the Supreme Defense Council, Major General Mahmoud Al-Asmar, and advisors Khader Talib and Petra Khoury.After the meeting, Minister Nehme said: “A week ago we have been working with the commercial sector to determine how to reopen this sector in Lebanon. We have reached a mechanism, approved by the Ministerial Committee, aimed at immunizing employees from infection with the Corona epidemic. We have a week to prepare for the reopening scheduled for Monday, March 1. From today until Monday we will work to determine the commercial sectors that will be reopened. Starting next Monday, the shops that will open must take the necessary procedures to be registered on the platform so that employees can perform the pcr checks. We are working with the commercial sector to adopt the procedures that we have applied On other sectors, such as supermarkets and banks, the Minister of Health will explain this evening in a television interview everything related to vaccines and the vaccination stages.


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