Notice against the Minister of Economy and a trading company of the crime of monopolizing meat


Attorneys Hassan Bazzi, Jad Tohme, Haitham Ezzo, Mazen Safia, Pierre Gemayel, Naguib Farhat, Maryam Hamdan, Joseph Wannis, Francoise Kamel, Basil Abbas, Jean-Pierre Khalifa and the journalist Joey Haddad from the legal department of the “People Want to Reform the System” group presented a report in front of The Financial Public Prosecution registered under No. 370/2021 against the Minister of Economy and Trade in the Caretaker Government, Raoul Nehme and the Sulaiman Livestock Company LLC. Hussein Suleiman and its director, on the background of the minister’s signature of an incorrect official statement, to assist the company after organizing a court report against it by the State Security Agency on the issue of meat monopoly, provided that the report is presented to the Financial Prosecutor, Judge Ali Ibrahim, to take appropriate measures.


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