Norway and Denmark keep elderly people away from the “AstraZeneca” vaccine


Norway and Denmark keep old people away from a vaccine



AstraZeneca vaccine against Corona

Health authorities in Denmark and Norway said today, Thursday, that people over the age of 65 will not receive the “AstraZeneca” vaccine against the emerging corona virus.

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Switzerland suspends licensing of AstraZeneca vaccine due to insufficient evidence of effectiveness

The president of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Camila Stoltenberg, stated that this decision “is not due to the ineffectiveness of the vaccine in the elderly, but because of the limited documentation proving its effectiveness in this age group.”

She added in a press conference that the “AstraZeneca” trials had few participants over the age of 65, and therefore “there is no documentation of the effectiveness.”

Today, Thursday, the Danish Health Authority issued a similar recommendation regarding the use of the “AstraZeneca” vaccine with those over the mentioned age.

Sweden, Finland and Germany had taken similar decisions earlier, while Switzerland announced that it had suspended the license to use the company’s vaccine on its soil, because the experiments did not yield clear data about its effectiveness in immunizing the elderly.

Source: “Lovigaro”


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