News 24 | The Ministry of Commerce announces the commencement of the regulation to correct the status of those violating the anti-concealment system


Ministry of CommerceToday (Sunday), the Ministry of Commerce and the National Anti-Concealment Program announced the start of the regulation to correct the status of violators of the anti-concealment system, which coincides with the implementation of the new anti-concealment system.

The Ministry stated that those wishing to correct the situation can apply electronically and benefit from the benefits of the corrective period and exemption from the penalties prescribed in the system, until 8/23/2021 AD, indicating that this is a valuable opportunity for those wishing to correct and benefit from its advantages.

She indicated that violators of the anti-concealment system can correct their situation electronically and through multiple options, through the link, and correct them through multiple options, including: introducing a new regular partner, “Saudi or non-Saudi” and continuing to work in the facility, or the Saudi’s behavior in the facility by selling or waiving it Or solve it.

The ownership of the facility can also be registered in the name of a non-Saudi by agreement between a Saudi and a non-Saudi to transfer the ownership of the facility to a non-Saudi after the latter obtains an investment license.

It is noteworthy that, in August 2020, the anti-concealment system granted a 180-day period to those involved in “cover-up” crimes to correct their situation, as well as exemption from paying income tax retroactively.


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