News 24 | His project has become the largest in the Kingdom … a citizen narrates his experience in planting a million olive trees in Al-Jouf (video)


Nasser Al-HamadA citizen narrated his experience in planting a million olive trees in the Al-Jouf region, until his project became the largest in the Kingdom.

Citizen Nasser Al-Hamad explained that he started his working life with the “ornamental birds” project, then invested in agricultural equipment, before the situation stabilized with olive cultivation.

He revealed that he had traveled to several advanced countries in olive cultivation, including Spain, France, Britain and Greece, to gain experience in the field.

He indicated that it has become cultivated in the modern system through the use of modern irrigation systems and a mechanism to save water, and he was able to produce 200 thousand liters of olive oil documented by the Food and Drug General Authority.

He revealed that he had sent samples of the oil he produced to laboratories in European countries, praising its quality and distinctive taste, adding that he was planning how to invest in olive residues after pressing, branches and paper.


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