News 24 | He won the praise of the World Health Organization … Egypt honors a Saudi female doctor on scholarship for her participation in a search for strengthening immunity against “Corona”


Saudi scholarship doctor, Hataf Abdul Hadi Ata JaberThe Egyptian Ministry of Education honored the dispatched Saudi doctor, Chantef Abdul Hadi Ata Jaber, after her role in an important research on strengthening the immune system against the emerging corona virus.

Cheer, who worked with a research team for 6 consecutive months, won praise from the World Health Organization for her participation in global medical research on the effect of “lactate and the amount secreted by the human body’s muscles”, which helps strengthen the immune system against the coronavirus.

She emphasized that the Cultural Attaché in Cairo has spared no efforts in facilitating the procedures that helped it succeed in this research, noting that the basic research idea began about the impact of sport and its role in enhancing human immunity against Corona.

She added that the idea later specialized in reducing “lactate” in HIV patients who are practicing sports, and the effect of this substance on the immune system.


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